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S105 Consultation, Future Managing Agent - January 2024

The consultation took place early this year and it involved a number of ‘in-person’ events. 
This consultation formed part of the council’s Section 105 (of the Housing Act, 1985) responsibility which means that Secure Tenants should be asked about any proposed changes to services already agreed in your council Tenancy. We have also asked resident leaseholders about their views on the proposed service as these changes will impact them too.

Here is the S105 Consultation Booklet, which was delivered to returning Secure Tenants, Leaseholders and neighbours. 

Section 105 Booklet 



Future Community Space Workshops - April 2023

The Community Partnership Group (CPG) with the Design team co-designed the exhibition boards for the Community Space Workshop held on Monday 17 April 2023 at Ebury Edge. Residents were able to discuss with the architects about what the new space should look like.

The overall feedback was positive, as we received many comments and suggestions about uses, design and materials.

Please review the Engagement Boards



Phase 2 Public Consultation Boards - February / March 2023 

Please review the Engagement Boards



Residents Information Events - September / October 2022

In September and October 2022 we invited residents to the 'Residents Information Events' in Ebury Edge. They had an opportunity to speak to the team about their rehousing options and preferences. As well as they received information about the new homes and construction timescales. 

Resident Information Boardsand   Leaseholder Information Boards



Phase 2 Design Consultation Boards - December 2021

Please review the Phase 2 Design Consultation Boards



Consultation Boards 2019 - 2020

Ebury Bridge Final Design Consultation Boards March 2020

Ebury Bridge Initial Design Consultation Boards March 2019

Ebury Bridge Meanwhile Use Board

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