Ebury SW1 Projects

To ensure the Ebury SW1 renewal project can be successfully delivered, a comprehensive scheme has been developed and policies protecting residents' rights incorporated.

This page provides an overview of the latest designs, which can be found here. It's quick and easy to provide views on our latest designs before we submit for planning approval in June 2020. Click through to our consultation website here or get in touch

You can view our initial designs, which were consulted on from October 2019, by clicking here

Policy documents can be found below. 

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The New Neighbourhood

The new Ebury SW1 will create a new destination with new places to shop, work and relax in, all while respecting the setting of the local area:

  • A series of new public open spaces through the centre of the development.
  • The new Ebury neighbourhood will keep and extend the high street with shops and flexible workspaces on Ebury Bridge Road.
  • Increased accessibility and wayfinding through the development, with new entrances from Ebury Bridge and Ebury Bridge Road.
  • A predominately pedestrian friendly scheme.
  • A sustainable, greener and more energy efficient development.

Key facts

Around 780 new homes

376 affordable homes

273 social rent homes (including 197 replacement)

New shops and cafes along Ebury Bridge Road

The City Council is taking the lead, delivering the first phase of the scheme

New green spaces and community facilities at the heart of a new destination


A New Destination in South Westminster

We want to create a new destination – welcoming estate residents and local people – with new community spaces, and places to relax, shop and work:

New community spaces

  • Community hub, with a concierge and parcel service
  • Nursery
  • Fitness centre

Places to relax for residents of all ages

  • Lots of high quality green spaces with water and play features, for relaxation, picnics and sports
  • Open areas feel safe as they are well overlooked
  • Enhanced lighting for security, and an on-site management team

Places to shop

  • An extended high street
  • New places to shop
  • New cafes 

Places to work

  • Flexible workspace on Ebury Bridge Road
  • Flexible workspace at the new northern gateway

High Quality Homes

The new Ebury SW1 homes have been designed to a very high standard.

Features include:

  • All homes have been designed to have more usable space than currently.
  • Light and bright homes, with large windows and good ceiling heights.
  • Around 90% of homes will have dual aspect living rooms (where a wall has windows on two different walls, allowing for two different views).
  • A choice of an open plan or separate kitchen.
  • Shared building entrances and lobbies for all.
  • High quality insulation (so residents could save money on energy bills).
  • The same space standards across every tenure.
  • Individual sprinkler systems.
  • All homes will have private balconies.

Find out more about flat layouts and the comparison of the proposed homes with existing homes by clicking here

Design Principles

Good distance between blocks

Good separation of pedestrian/vehicular movement

High quality amenities

Safe and secure environment

Well insulated from environment

Dual aspect homes


Changes Made To Buildings

A major change from our initial design is to remove the building at the southern end. We have absorbed these homes into an adjacent building allowing more daylight on nearby homes. This will:

  • Further reduce light and privacy concerns for near neighbours.
  • Allow for a new public space, which means the estate will be even greener.
  • Improve foot/cycle access through the middle of the estate towards Grosvenor Waterside.

We have also made changes in the height and width of the new buildings:

  • Reducing the height of shoulders on the taller buildings to reduce impact on neighbouring homes.
  • Increasing the width between buildings facing Ebury Bridge Road and neighbouring buildings.

Easy to Access

It will be a lot easier to get in and around the new Ebury SW1:

  • Delivery and emergency will still have easy access to the new Ebury neighbourhood.
  • A separate and safe pedestrian walking route through the estate.
  • Bin storage areas will be enclosed and integrated.
  • All easily accessed.
  • A pedestrian access point via stairs off Ebury Bridge to the north.
  • A landscaped grassed area at the southern pedestrian access point with a route towards the adjacent Grosvenor Waterside development.

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Ebury Edge

During the project there will be periods of time where there will be vacant plots of land that can be used to benefit local residents.

A new community space called Ebury Edge filled with shops and a community café is temporarily in place while the renewal of Ebury SW1 progresses.

Local businesses and entrepreneurs are being encouraged to join this new pop-up, which also features affordable work spaces, a community garden and a community space.

Completed in October 2020, Ebury Edge is expected to be open for around five years. 

The council consulted extensively about the plans and Ebury Edge is becoming a destination for Ebury Bridge Estate residents and the local community. 

You can read more about Ebury Edge, and register interest in using the space, by heading to

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