S105 cons capture

Have your say - S105 Future Estate and Blocks' Management Consultation

We’ll shortly start consulting with Ebury residents about the future management service for the new estate. We want all residents to share the same high quality services.

This will include both external landscaping/communal spaces and management of the nine residential blocks. The estate will be managed from the Management Hub based on the ground floor of Building 7 (Sutherland Apartments).

To ensure consistent high-quality services across all housing tenures, it would be beneficial to engage an experienced management company.
To comply with statutory requirements under s105 of the Housing Act 1985, the council is required to conduct consultations with secure tenants, both on and off-site, of the Ebury Bridge Estate.

The consultation period is scheduled to take place from Tuesday 30th January, to Monday 26th February.
In addition to our secure tenants, we are also delighted to receive comments from the wider community; this includes our leaseholders, local organisations and businesses.