Front page May 24 v2

Reaching New Heights

We reached higher and got a closer look at the new Ebury Bridge Estate as external work to both buildings of phase 1 took place on the upper floors. 

A view from above
The last month has seen key and exciting progress on site which we were fortunate enough to capture within a hive of construction activity. Externally, all major panels have now been fitted and landscaping to terraced areas is underway. Further work continues with balcony decking and installation of privacy screens.

The progress on the externals for both buildings meant it was also time to remove the two cranes used to build the phase 1 homes. In the coming months, green communal areas will be gradually taking shape and will be surrounding Mandeville and Sutherland Apartments.


IMG 3413

Internally, work focuses on fitting out the new homes with flooring, carpet installation, tiling and kitchen installations. A ‘benchmark’ flat in both buildings has been completed to provide a reference for future homes. 

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Asaelle, a young Ebury Resident took an opportunity to experience a day on the construction site. She said: “I can’t believe how amazing the views are and that this will be where I will be living."

Asaelle Ebury Benchmark flat