3. New Housing Opportunities

Our commitments to the Ebury Bridge community

We’re pleased to launch the new Ebury Bridge Community Commitments document.

It sets out Westminster City Council’s principles for the Ebury Bridge Renewal Project created in partnership with residents to bring long-term benefit to the community and wider area.

It includes information about: 

  • The role of our Community Futures Group – The resident group steering key decisions about the renewal and setting standards for future housing management
  • New housing opportunities – Our guarantees when arranging appropriate permanent or temporary housing while the renewal progresses
  • Affordability – Ensuring the estate continues to be affordable for existing residents
  • Social value – Residents will play a key role identifying social value priorities, endorsing a dedicated community fund
  • Economy – How we’ll support Ebury Bridge businesses while the renewal progresses
  • Sustainability – An ambition to reach excellent environmental standards
  • Relocations – Supporting households who are moving
  • Housing management – Ensuring good management of existing estate

Click here to view the Community Commitments document.