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Coronavirus Update from the Regeneration Team

We understand the deep concern and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact it is having on everyone’s lives.

We will keep you updated on the steps that Westminster City Council is taking and any changes to services delivered from the Ebury Bridge Regeneration Base.

The council has contingency plans in place to keep essential services running, for example, focusing on looking after older residents, the vulnerable, and children, while ensuring key services like emptying bins continue.

It is vital that we all listen to official advice and act. If you get coronavirus symptoms, or someone you live with does, you should follow health advice and self-isolate:

We are working with the Government, the NHS, our partners and fantastic volunteers to help the most vulnerable, and to slow down the spread of the virus. Visit for more information.

Ebury Bridge Renewal

The Ebury Bridge Regeneration Base has been closed, except for emergencies. We will continue to keep you regularly updated but you can phone us, email us, and use this website if you prefer. Click here for our contact details. 

We are still working hard on the renewal, and still want to hear from you, so keep in touch.