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Community Chest Fund – How to Apply?

The Community Chest Fund is part of the Westminster City Council’s Ebury Bridge Social Value programme and is funded by Bouygues UK. The fund focuses on directly benefitting residents on and off the estate, (including families and individuals that are temporarily rehoused but are returning to the new neighbourhood) to support growing their community.

The Community Chest Fund is overseen by the Ebury Bridge Community Partnership Group (CPG). The group wants to fund community projects that benefit a wide age range of Ebury residents, and that can support community cohesion both in the short and long term.

You can apply for up to £9,950, there is no minimum level. If you have an idea for a community project, please see below details on how to apply. Applications will be considered at each CPG meeting.

We advise applicants to send their forms to by the 15th of
each month. The last application deadline will be 15 May 2024. You can get an application form from