Ebury Family Celebrating article

Celebrating Ebury Bridge together - Summer event

‘Celebrating Ebury Bridge’ – four community projects

At the last CPG meeting on 4 July, members supported funding to be allocated towards four community projects.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the projects below, please contact the WCC Engagement Team at eburybridge@westminster.gov.uk or on 0800 011 3467.

‘Views from the Bridge’
The project will capture the social history of Ebury Bridge through photographs, short videos and spoken word poetry. The project will bring together existing residents with people who have previously lived here, the retailers, the regen workers to capture what it is and was like to live at Ebury
Bridge. It will be an opportunity to share past experiences and bring the community together and look forward to what they hope the new estate will bring. All participants will receive a copy of their photographs. The e-book will be available to download, and a copy will be deposited at the British Library.

‘Voices of Ebury Bridge’
Voices Of Ebury Bridge will record the conversations of residents and varied experiences of living on the Ebury estate. The project will both look back on the life of Ebury Bridge since it was first built and it will look forward, capturing the aspirations and hopes of the residents who will live in the new homes but also those who have worked with them. The aim is to recruit around 15 to 20 residents for 10 recorded sessions. The sessions follow the
format of Radio 4’s ‘Listening’ Project, where two people talk about ‘a life experience or subject’.

‘The Greening of Ebury Bridge’
Residents living on and off the estate will acquire greening skills that can be re-applied in the future (i.e., Future Estate private balconies, communal
platforms/gardens). Professional and experienced partners will be facilitating and guiding residents through the process. There will also be an opportunity to work with the landscape architects on the communal areas in Phase 1. The intention is that the work will continue after the workshops end, as the project will help build a common interest in gardening in the shared areas of the new estate, and the greening of individual’s balconies.

‘Flowers of Ebury’
This project is aimed at creating an educational and safe environment for pupils on the estate. On-site and off-site families will be able to enrol their kids to the programme. Carly’s Angels will provide a series of educational, instructive and recreative activities such as – Woodland Club, healthy eating, play gardening and art & nature. These will provide inspiring, hands-on and immersive natural experiences in the built environment of Ebury Bridge. The project will support kids’ confidence as well as their health and wellbeing. Some of the children’s activities will be linked to the ‘Greening of Ebury Bridge’ project where kids’ will be learning about gardening in a playful and light way. The aim is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children’s development, while the regeneration and development progresses.